Oral Hygiene for Holiday Traveling

The holiday season can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. Oral health can sometimes be neglected as we rush to shop for gifts, eat holiday treats, plan vacations, and attend parties. If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, be sure to make your oral health a top priority. Follow these tips to help maintain a bright, healthy smile all season long:

  1. Plan ahead. Even if you are not experiencing any tooth pain in Hudson, NY, it may be a good idea to schedule a quick visit to your dentist before holiday travels are in full swing. Ensuring that your teeth are clean and cavity-free before your trip can help you relax while you are out of town. For added precaution, collect the numbers and addresses of dental clinics around where you will be staying in case of an emergency.
  2. Pack smart. Opting for travel-size oral hygiene products can help you remember to take care of your teeth while you travel. If you have a long flight, bring along a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss so you can keep up with your hygiene routine en route to your holiday destination. Travel-sized items are also less cumbersome and take up less space than a toiletries bag full of bulky products.
  3. Chew gum. Sugar-free mint gum is the perfect on-the-go option to help freshen breath and aid in removing food particles that may be stuck in your teeth. If your destination requires long travel times, chewing gum can also help you resist the temptation to snack on sugary or salty foods that can sometimes cause cavities and tooth pain in Hudson, NY.

If you return from your holiday trip to find you have a toothache, bleeding gums or other oral health issue, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Dr. Robert Danz is an experienced dentist who can help treat your tooth pain in Hudson, NY.

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