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New, Secure Teeth with Conus Dentures

Taking the Worries Away from Full Mouth Tooth Loss

Patients who live with tooth loss or who currently wear removable dentures, often understand the struggles missing teeth cause on a daily basis. Without comfortable, secure teeth, patients can experience difficulty eating and speaking and have self-esteem concerns as well as persistent oral discomfort. While dentures provide a full set of teeth, they are commonly top of mind for patients who are worried about them falling out, what foods they can eat or how uncomfortable they are. Dr. Robert Danz understands that there should be a more comfortable and secure solution for those wearing dentures or who may need to wear dentures in Hudson, NY. That solution is the revolutionary Conus dentures, an implant retained denture that provides superior benefits over traditional dentures.

What is the Conus Denture?

The Conus denture combines the natural look and affordability of traditional dentures with the security, function and longevity of dental implants. The Conus denture, commonly called an implant retained denture, allows a denture prosthesis to snap into dental implants placed directly in the jawbone. This provides a strong, secure hold while also promoting bone health. With the Conus denture, we can give you a completely new set of teeth with the security and comfort of implants, but in a more cost-effective and minimally invasive package.

With full mouth dental implants or other implant supported denture options, patients often need many implants surgically placed within their jaw. Using the Conus denture approach, we only need to place as few as two dental implants in the bottom jaw and four in the top to give you a secure, beautiful smile. The implants for Conus dentures use a uniquely designed conical-shaped abutment to ensure the denture sits as close to the gum line as possible. This ensures that you have a more natural feel and appearance when wearing your dentures.

Advantages to Conus Dentures

  • Cost effective full mouth restoration solution
  • Comfortable fit of dentures over implants
  • No need for readjustments
  • Easily removable for ease of cleaning
  • Enjoy food with no palate cover
  • Secure with precision fit and long-term functionality

Quality of Life Improvements That Can’t Be Beat

The Conus denture has helped countless patients return to a more natural quality of life, even after experiencing complete tooth loss. By easily being able to put in and take out the denture, you won’t feel like your daily routines are a struggle. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite meals with the people you love again. Gone are the worries about teeth falling out, what foods you can or can’t eat and the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. With Conus dentures in Hudson, NY, our patients are living their best lives with new teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

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