CariFree program - Hudson, NY

CariFree Program

CariFree Cavity Prevention

Dental cavities are caused by bacterial infections known in the dental profession as “carries”. Infections occur when normal, healthy bacteria in the mouth are replaced by acid-producing bacteria. This shift in bacteria is usually caused by lack of saliva, a sugary/acidic diet, or transmission through saliva. 

Caries are not only treatable but also preventable. The CariFree Prevention system treats the infection causing bacteria before tooth decay occurs. In order to determine if caries are present in the mouth, a one-minute CariScreen test is performed using a simple cotton swab to gather a specimen from two teeth.  The CariScreen test then determines the level of decay-causing bacteria: low, moderate, or high risk. 

The CariFree treatment consists of a series of CariFree antibacterial mouth rinses to reduce the bacterial levels on the teeth. There are two types of rinses: the CariFree Treatment Rinse and the CariFree Maintenance Rinse. The CariFree Treatment Rise kills the harmful bacteria on the teeth. The CariFree Maintenance Rinse is designed to develop an environment in the mouth, which prevents the destructive bacteria from re-establishing itself.  Removing the harmful bacteria and maintaining a bacteria free mouth greatly reduces the risk of future dental decay.

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