Waterpik® and Professional Water Flossers Offer Exceptional Benefits

If you are like most people, you have good intentions when it comes to flossing your teeth, yet you may have trouble reaching certain areas or just not enough time to floss at all. Whether due to busy schedules, poor technique, or just a general dislike of flossing, many patients of our dentist in Hudson, NY, complain of bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are one of the first symptoms of gingivitis, or gum disease. While every dentist recommends flossing to help prevent gum disease, it actually is not the only solution and it only works if you are committed to doing it the right way, every day. If you hate to floss, you might consider a Waterpik® or another professional water flosser.

How Does a Waterpik Work?

A Waterpik® flosser is a dental appliance that is filled with warm water which is pushed through a small, fine tipped hose. When aimed at the teeth and gum line, it can rinse away bacteria, plaque, and food debris as effectively as floss. Various pressure levels, a massage setting, and a one minute timer ensure that you get healthier gums while preserving your comfort. Water flossers can generally be used on dental restorations like dental implants and crowns as well.

The Advantage of a Professional Water Flosser
  • Easily flosses around orthodontics
  • Gentle yet effective for dental implants and crowns
  • Rinses below the gum line
  • Only takes one minute to floss your entire mouth
  • Removes plaque
  • Effectively reduces gingivitis and gingival bleeding
  • Promotes fresher breath

If you hate dental floss, discuss the possibility of using a Waterpik with your dentist in Hudson, NY. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Danz to find out if a water flosser is right for you. Many patients who would otherwise forget to floss have found that they make time for a one minute water flossing session.

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