VELscope®: Helping Dentists Find Oral Cancer Sooner

According to the American Cancer Society, about 50,000 people each year are diagnosed with oral cancer. In many cases, oral cancer is initially discovered by a dentist.

In addition to using physical and visual means to discover possible oral cancer in Hudson, NY, dentists now have another tool called VELscope®. This non-invasive, handheld technology is considered a gold standard in the dental industry. Not only has the VELscope won national awards and acclaim, but it is used during millions of examinations internationally each year. With it, dentists have been able to help patients receive oral cancer treatment earlier, increasing survival rates.

How VELscope Works

The VELscope relies on the power of fluorescence. In most cases, unusual cells will illuminate under the VELscope’s light. These patches or areas can then be further examined by the dentist, who can refer the patient to a physician or oncologist if necessary.

Could You Have Oral Cancer?

Although many patients discover their oral cancer with the assistance of VELscope, some come to their dentists because of telltale symptoms indicating potential problems. These may include the early, mid-stage or late-stage warning signs of oral cancer, such as:

  • Sores or swollen areas or patches in and around the mouth and visible area of the throat.
  • A “lumpy” feeling in the throat, as if something is in the way or blocking the path.
  • Constant hoarseness, or a sore throat that doesn’t go away.
  • Numbness, pain and other issues in the mouth and teeth that may extend to the ears or jawbone depending upon the type of oral cancer.
  • Loose or wiggling teeth for no other reason, such as identified gum disease.

At the first indication of potential oral cancer, please contact your dentist in Hudson, NY, for a complete evaluation. Our office is taking new patients, and would be happy to use the VELscope to investigate any concerns.

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