Periodontal Care Boosts Your Health

May is American Stroke Awareness Month and health care providers across the country are taking this opportunity to raise awareness about this important cardiovascular concern. Dr. Robert Danz is a dentist in Hudson, NY that has his own way of promoting heart health. Gum disease treatment can actually have very positive effects on your whole body, including your heart and cardiovascular system. In fact, many people with health concerns like heart disease and diabetes have to pay extra attention to their teeth and gums. Preventative gum disease treatment is best and our office offers patients advanced management solutions.

An Innovative Approach to Oral Health

Advancing forms of gum disease (periodontal disease) can cause significant harm to gum tissue and bone. Bone deteriorates as a result of harmful bacteria collecting in pockets between teeth surface and surrounding gums. The ligaments and bony structures holding a tooth in place can become compromised as bacteria flourish. Traditionally, pockets of bacteria would be excised or cut out during a surgical procedure. The tissue would be stitched closed and allowed to heal. Though this remains a valuable form of treatment, an alternative approach is available.

The LANAP® system has many advantages. For instance:

  • The surgical laser clears away harmful bacteria without damaging healthy tissue
  • Since no incisions are made, bleeding and discomfort is minimal
  • LANAP® is minimally invasive, safe and effective
  • LANAP® can help preserve a patient’s teeth by promoting bone health at the site of treatment
Your Healthy Gums

Oral health is a concern that affects everyone but some people need to pay close attention to their teeth and gums. People with diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes are less able to fight infection and so may experience accelerated gum disease. People with heart disease and other cardiovascular problems should also guard against risk factors like gum disease. Prevention is a powerful tool in the fight against gum disease. Make an appointment for your next dental checkup by calling (518) 444-4215.

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