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Icon® Method

Icon® Method

The Icon® Method is a revolutionary way for your doctor to stop the progression of cavities before it needs to be treated using needles or drills.  Traditional methods of treating cavities require drilling and filling away of the tooth structure. While this is sometimes the only way to restore teeth, it is not always necessary in beginning stage cavities.  

How does it work?
The Icon® Method allows your doctor to treat the cavity before it becomes a big problem.  During the procedure, your doctor will first prepare the surface of the tooth.  The decayed tooth will be pre-treated with a special gel.   Next, the surface of the tooth will be dried using a special drying agent.  Lastly, the Icon® material will be applied to the decayed tooth.  This special material penetrates the early cavity, filling and sealing the decay and stabilizing the tooth.

This state-of-the-art treatment allows your doctor to preserve tooth structure, which prolongs the life expectancy of your teeth.  The Icon® procedure is completed in one office visit and needs no drills, no anesthetic, and causes no pain!

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