Dental Quiz: Do I Need a Root Canal?

Having a painful tooth can really put a damper on your everyday activities! In most cases, a toothache won’t go away by itself as the pain is a signal that something is wrong and requires treatment. In some cases, it might be a cavity or exposed tooth root due to gum recession, but for root canal awareness week, we have created a quiz to help you determine if your painful tooth requires a root canal in Hudson, NY.

Do you have cavities that you have left untreated? When bacteria and disease from cavities have penetrated the tooth enamel and infected the tooth pulp, the infection needs to be removed with a root canal.

Do you notice swelling around the painful tooth, face or neck area? The infection in your tooth can cause not only the immediate area affected to swell, but also cause swelling around the face, cheeks, neck and lymph nodes.

Does the painful tooth look discolored compared to your other teeth? An infected tooth, if not treated right away, can die as the pulp inside starts to decompose. This can cause your tooth to become darker in appearance.

Do you experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? Infected teeth typically have a weakened enamel or holes in the structure of the tooth. This can cause discomfort when extreme temperatures touch this tooth.

Do you have a small “pimple” or white sore on the gums around the painful tooth? This can be the first sign of a dental abscess, a small pocket filled with bacterial pus. If not drained by a professional, it can spread infection to other areas of your mouth or even other parts of your body.

Do you think a root canal is a painful dental procedure? A root canal is actually nearly painless with local anesthetic and dental sedation! The goal of a root canal is actually to stop pain in your mouth!

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of root canals and the signs and symptoms of them. If you have a painful tooth and you think you may have a tooth infection, Dr. Robert Danz offers effective and gentle root canals in Hudson, NY. Schedule an appointment today!

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