Patient Testimonials
"Only a quick note to mention the fantastic, quality work you have done for me over the years. I grew up in Germantown, but have moved to South Carolina within the past few years. I had a great deal of visits logged with you during my time of living there. (including your office being the place that I was when Space Shuttle Challenger happened in '86 !) 
Since my days of being north, I have had nothing but compliments from other dentists on the quality of work, which sustains to this very day, after decades of standing the test of time. I remember you, fondly, as someone who has more-than-a-grip on your profession. Thanks for being who you are!"
T. S. Foxx

"Here is the best dentist in the Universe. No kidding. I am the fortunate patient and wife and mother of patients, friend of many patients of Dr. Bob- all who have brilliant smiles and sparkling dental health. The whole staff at the office and the office itself, vibrate with enthusiasm, professionalism and beauty- oral and all other. I cannot recommend this practice enough. Dr. Bob is always improving his skills and honing his application. I have never known a medical professional to be so dedicated to expanding his knowledge as Dr. Bob is. He has been the only Dr. that my kids happily go see. Just yesterday I had to rouse my 17 year old at 6:45 a.m. to see Dr. Bob at 7:30 a.m. Not an easy moment. But, the destination solved the problem and my teenager and I had a lovely morning traveling to Hudson for this appointment. Thank you to Dr. Bob, Marie, Candy, Karen and Donna and all the rest for your great care of my family and me. "

xo S

Dear Dr. D,

"You made my day so much better with your “magic”.  How lucky I am to have you for my Dentist—along with all your other patients—and Staff (who are also top-notch and a lot of fun too!)  Thank you for your help…you are one in a million."

Barbara Caldwell

Dear Dr. Danz & staff,

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new smile. It exceeded my expectations and I went from hating my smile to loving it!! I also want to thank all of you for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed during visits. You all made what could conceivably be considered a harrowing experience almost enjoyable. I didnt say much on the last visit as my lip was so puffy and I felt rather a mess and not ready to "go public" yet. My lip finally went back to normal the next day and every time I went by a mirror, I had to stop and smile to make sure I didnt dream the whole thing. So, thank you for sending me the flyer last year, thank you for your expertise, thank you to your staff for being so warm and friendly and most of all, thank you for my beautiful smile."


Dear Dr. Danz, Karen, Donna, Marie, Candee and all your staff,

"First of all, thank you Dr. Danz for your guidance, expertise, and perfectionism. I now have a smile I can be proud of for the first time in my life. Every day I am reminded of this for which I am very grateful. I appreciate everything my aunt, you and your staff have done for me.

As you know, I had such a phobia about going to the dentist prior to my experience with all of you. You and your staff have changed all that. I no longer dread appointments and look forward to seeing all of you!

Donna, from my first cleaning, you made me feel comfortable. My past experiences with dental cleanings and x-rays were not so pleasant. You took your time with me and got me through, so thank you for that.

Karen, you as well, with all the time I spent in the dentist chair, made me feel at ease. You really helped to make my experience a positive one. Thank you.

Candee and Marie, from the first time I called to schedule an appointment, you were both so helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you for your guidance as well.

Last, but not least, thank you for my smiley balloon, the bottle of champagne, and my "confetti shower" at my last visit. You're all the best! Looking forward to seeing you in September for my next cleaning."