For some, protecting teeth from decay feels like a constant battle. Even if you follow a good oral care regimen of brushing and flossing, coupled with routine dental exams and cleanings, your teeth may still be in danger of cavities. How is this possible? Teeth can develop deep pits and fissures that cannot be reached with a brush. Fortunately, your dentist in Hudson, NY, can use a clear dental sealant to provide your teeth with a protective barrier.

Why Brushing Is Not Enough

Your teeth, most commonly molars and premolars, can develop grooves. The fissures may not be accessible with a tooth brush alone; the bristles may be too short to reach. As a result, the bacteria that cause decay can settle into the fissure and flourish.

How Dental Sealants Protect Your Teeth

Once your teeth have been professionally cleaned, your doctor will pour a clear or tooth-colored liquid sealant over your teeth. A dental laser will be utilized to cure the sealant. Once it has hardened, it provides a long-lasting barrier to the bacteria that cause cavities. Those with dental sealants continue to brush and floss, as usual but should avoid sticky, chewy foods. Sealants are not recommended for teeth that already have fillings.

Benefits of Sealants

  • ·         Sealants have a natural look and feel
  • ·         Your teeth do not have to be altered in any way
  • ·         Dental sealants typically last two to 5 years
  • ·         Sealants work well for adults and children
  • ·         Protects your tooth structure

Dental sealants were once considered an option mainly for children but adults have been benefiting from sealants in increasing numbers. If you are interested in learning about sealants for you or your family, do not hesitate to contact our dentist in Hudson, NY. Dr. Robert Danz is an experienced, compassionate doctor who can help you maintain your beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime.