Cavities are a common dental concern among the masses. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 92 percent of adults have been subjected to cavities within their lifetime. Fortunately, technological advances in the science of oral treatments now provide dentists, such as Dr. Robert Danz, with the technology to intervene earlier, halting the damage created by cavities before the condition becomes too extensive.

Using the Icon® Method, Dr. Danz can successfully treat cavities within the early stages. The Icon® Method uses a principle known as “resin infiltration” to fill in mild lesions on the teeth, before they progress to the point of requiring fillings. The procedure works as follows:

  • The tooth or teeth selected to be treated are applied with a special gel.
  • Once the treatment area has been pre-treated, a special drying agent is utilized to dry the tooth surface.
  • The actual Icon® compound is applied to the area to preserve the tooth’s structure.

With this procedure, drills or anesthetic are not required, thus greatly reducing the amount of pain felt by the patient, during and after the procedure. The Icon® Method has proven to be effective at stopping cavities and prolonging the need for permanent fillings.

The Importance of Routine Check-ups

Yet the Icon® Method may not be appropriate for the treatment of every cavity. It is only an option if the problem is detected early in the tooth deterioration process. Most individuals, out of anxiety, tend to avoid visiting the dentist in Hudson, NY, at all costs. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist can potentially prevent early cavity detection, and may hinder the options for proper care. Following a routine schedule of regular dental visits greatly increases the chance of detecting cavities in their early stages through measures of x-ray or thorough examinations.

Working with Dr. Danz to assess and treat cavities early, will help to assist you in enjoying the benefits of a bright, beautiful smile. To schedule an appointment for a check-up, simply give us a call at (518) 444-4215.