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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Are dental implants better than dentures? Find out in this blog post!

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What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

If you're experiencing a toothache or another dental emergency, don't hesitate to call your local Hudson, NY dentist, Dr. Danz!

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Dental Quiz: Do I Need a Root Canal?

Tooth pain is not normal! Take our quiz to see if you may need a root canal.

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The 5 Biggest FAQs about Gum Disease

Do you have questions about gum disease? Get them answered in this blog!

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The Benefits of a Healthy Mouth

Do you know how important it is to protect the health of your mouth? Read our blog post to learn more.

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Happy New Year! Test Your Dental Hygiene IQ

How good is your dental hygiene IQ? From cavities to gum disease, test your knowledge with our quiz!

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Waterpik® and Professional Water Flossers Offer Exceptional Benefits

Learn how the Waterpik® and Professional Water Flossers can help with keeping a flossing routine and the benefits they provide.

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VELscope®: Helping Dentists Find Oral Cancer Sooner

Learn how the handheld VELscope® technology can help your dentist detect oral cancer early. 

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How Implants Preserve Your Face Shape

Dental implants provide many benefits; however, most people are not aware of their ability to preserve the structure and shape of your face. September is National Self-Improvement Month—thus creating a perfect opportunity to inquire about improving self confidence and your appearance.

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A Complete Guide to Dental Implants

Understanding the full capacity of implant supported dentures provides an important step to creating an informed decision. In contrast to traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are connected to the mouth via dental implants, which are surgically affixed. This provides a more structurally sound method for placement of dentures, as opposed to simply placing the apparatus within the mouth.  

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